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Rev3 Maine gives final tune-up for Ironman Wisconsin

Now I am back state-side for my last couple races of the season, the feeling is quite different from earlier in the year when I was struggling to find my form. After a hot-streak this past month in Finland racing the national championships, I was keen to continue my success with Rev3 Maine and finally Ironman Wisconsin. With the wind at my back, I came into Rev3 Maine looking to show my good form. The venue for Rev3 Maine is based at Old Orchard Beach, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the east coast. The ocean swim parallels the famous beaches and provides spectators a good vantage point. The bike and run exited town to the neighborhoods and rural roads nearby for clear sailing. While I have enjoyed short course racing recently, I have no illusions that the distance is not ideal for me with a heavy impetus on the swim, I don’t really have a high potential despite my abilities on the bike and run. Too bad as I really do enjoy the speed and close competitive nature of short course.

Race day

Race day started well with a chance encounter with another Finn. Lauri from Boston; nice to meet you and hope you keep with triathlon! I am always amazed when I am abroad and meet Finns as I feel like I live in such a small country the likely hood of meeting one abroad, must be very small. I love meeting Finns while traveling as it is like running into someone from your neighborhood!

Onto the race: I was relaxed and confident I could use my current fitness to the highest possible level. The ocean swim conditions were in my favor as the lack of wind meant smooth waters that reduce my deficit to the top swimmers who can handle rough conditions better. The men’s pro field was pretty much full of short course specialists, most of them close to 10 years younger than me. And when the gun went off I understood what makes them successful in short course: their swim speed and even their run speed into the water was amazing!!! Luckily for me the first 50m were pretty shallow so at least I could keep up by dolphin diving for the first bit. Inevitably when I had to swim normally, the top guys took off and I was left to set my own tempo and find a few others to swim with. I survived well and exited the water with about a 3 min deficit, which considering I was pretty much the only long distance guy in the race, was satisfactory in my book. Bike was pretty simple: Just put the hammer down all day and see how fast I could go. This went pretty well but I was still a good chunk back from the front guys who were also flying. The run was fun as 10km goes really fast and I could push 100%. I picked off a few more guys on the run and had only one guy catch me, who was the guy that ran the fastest time. I ended up with the 3rd fastest run and one of the top bike times, so for my purposes, an ideal result despite finishing outside the top ten.

Wisconsin Calling

Now I have completed my ‘speed work’ with a couple Olympic distances under my belt, I am ready for my final taper to Ironman Wisconsin. I have to say, I am pretty damn excited to see where my fitness will take me in Wisconsin. Anything is possible and I am eager to put on a show!

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