Thomas: Welcome to 2014!

Pretty quickly after finishing Ironman Wisconsin, I set to work on preparing for 2014. The first step was to take some time off and as with every off-season I get, my mind shifts quickly from athlete to house builder as I work to finish up some details on our recently completed house. As usual, each project turns out to take 3x what I anticipate and pretty quickly I am exhausted and burned out of house building. This year’s project was particularly difficult but also very rewarding: completing our sauna!

sauna dt

With that project wrapped up, it was time to get my athlete wheels moving again. I always find it amazing how quickly my fitness disappears after the season is wrapped up. Riding my mountain bike in the woods is about all I can manage for the first few weeks combined with some easy trail runs and pool time.

Swim School is in session

After the 2013, I was quite clear what I needed to focus on in my buildup to 2014: Swimming.

It is no secret I struggle in the swim section as I come from a cycling background with no prior experience in swimming. So straight after starting training again in October, I began working with a swim coach to help me bring my swim to a new level. Basically the plan was to just swim a lot. My lack of swimming experience means I simply have not spent enough time in the pool to develop the technique, strength and fitness need to compete at the top. The past 10 weeks I have been logging some serious kms in the pool 6-7 days per week.

The benefits are already becoming evident but for sure I still have my work cut out for me in the coming months to gain the speed I need. It has been quite enjoyable despite the rather mind numbing nature of pool swimming. A huge thanks to my swim coach Esa who keeps a calm eye on my progress and never hesitates to tell me to relax while I am swimming. While I am not sure how much faster I have become yet, I am becoming much more comfortable in the water. So much so that I find myself almost dozing off while working through morning swims when I am sleepy.

Camp on the horizon

Now I have wrapped up my swim focus, it is time to get the rest of my body ready for training camp in February. This year camp has extra importance because shortly after camp at the beginning of April I will tackle Ironman South Africa followed five weeks later by Ironman Lanzarote. This means I need to show up to camp with quite high fitness already then do my final buildup to South Africa in Florida (camp). With 5 weeks to go until camp, now is the time to really kick into high gear. I am excited to build on my solid base work already completed in order to come out swinging in 2014 with a full calendar of Ironman events building up to Hawaii.

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