Thomas: IM South Africa: Trainer and a treadmill was all it took

Having spent the majority of the winter months training in Finland for Ironman South Africa, I think many may be surprised the only real sign of my Scandinavian training base came from a really bad sun burn on race day. Yup, it is possible to get Ironman ready with mostly indoor training. Ok, I did also get in a couple solid weeks of training camp in Florida earlier this winter, which did make help out in my final push to get race ready.

Early Season Racing

My first race of the year is usually a ‘training’ event to get my engine started. This year I came out swinging with an Ironman event early in the spring, which on paper seemed like a risk. Ironman South Africa, however, proved to be a break through race as I came home with a 6th place in a competitive international field, leaving a few big names by the roadside. This is a very satisfying result and confirmation my progress is continuing in the right direction. Overall, the day went smoothly with only the standard moments of distress all Ironman athletes experience. I like to let the results speak for them selves so I won’t bore you with the details of my race, but feel free to visit for details.

Being a tourist

Other than the race itself, I got to experience South Africa for the first time. My wife accompanied me on this trip and we were able to spend some time being tourists, which is very rare for us. The highlights being elephants and penguins, while culminating in perhaps my wife’s happiest moment of watching me fall off a horse in slow motion. Lesson learned: don’t try to horseback ride the day after an Ironman!

Moving forward from here, I am super excited to get back out and work on improving the weak points from my game. Next race I am planning is only 5 weeks away with Ironman Lanzarote, so I have a quick turnaround to get focused and race ready.

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