Thomas: Q’s from twitter – Key trainings

Share some of your key trainings and open them up a bit. Would be fun to read especially at this time of the year!

The way I think about key trainings depends on each week's main goals, each month's main goals and each year's main goals. Each period has a set of goals or priorities such as strength, aerobic, race-specific, etc. Even each year has a set of priorities and my coach and I plan as far as 3-4 years ahead so I can maximize my long-term development. Each one of these priorities defines what my key training(s) for each day will be.

The first three years working with my coach Jesse Kropelnicki from QT2 Systems have been primarily focusing on developing a better aerobic durability and better swim capacity. Because of this I do a lot of aerobic training with limited anaerobic work. I also have been working to increase my swim load disproportionally to my bike and run because that is where I need the most improvement.

My priorities change frequently along with my key workouts but I can provide a few examples of key workouts that I frequently use. Swim sessions are so varied that it is hard to give just one, but the Monster Set comes to mind as it is used by my coach to estimate race paces. That set starts without any warm-up and rolls all the way through from 1000m down to 100m (1000,900,800,etc) divided between 100s and 200s.

On the bike I have two pre-race workouts that help define my pace guidelines. For ½ distance I do 3x30min at predicted race pace wattage and add 5 watts for each segment. For Ironman I do a similar workout except with 4x1hr at race pace plus 0, 5, 10, 15 watts. This gives my coach and I an idea if the paces are reasonable for competition.

In running I would say my most important trainings are simply long runs. As a long-distance triathlete, the long runs pretty much define how I will do in the last 25% of the marathon, which is the most important. As all triathletes know, running after the bike is not the same as running on fresh legs, so I always have some kind of longer bike ride before I do my long runs. I also start all my runs (even most recovery runs) immediately after riding, which has allowed me to run easily off the bike.

Having a few 'go-to' key workouts does help give feed back on progress as you can compare the results over time. While the examples above are some of my key workouts, it is important to note each person needs to get an understanding of their own unique training needs to define what becomes their key workouts in order to have successful development.

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