Thomas: Ironman Lanzarote – Tough as Tough Can Be

Every Ironman is a tough and everyone talks about how tough each course was. But Ironman Lanzarote is in a class of its own when it comes to having a tough course. The event takes place on a volcano in the middle of the ocean, much like Ironman Hawaii, but with much more climbing and crazy fast, technical descents.

The tough course was actually one of the reasons why I selected the race as I generally do well when the course goes up hill. I had set pretty high targets for the race, which is always dangerous and in some regards finishing 7th was a disappointment. However, looking back on my race I can be satisfied I did a smart strategy and pushed myself as hard as my body would allow on that day.

Swimming was a 2-lap course on quite calm ocean waters, so that suited me well and I managed to limit my losses to the fast swimmers quite well.

Onto the bike I tried to keep a conservative pace in the beginning two hours so when the largest climbs began, I could really push. The plan worked pretty well and I did go quite well on the uphills. The downhills were super fast and a technical, which did cause me some problems but I managed the best I could.

Entering the run I had decided on a very conservative first half to make sure I had strong legs for the 2nd half. The strategy more or less worked and I was running pretty well in the later stages of the race. With hindsight I probably could have started a bit faster and still been able to run a solid second half but considering I am still new to this Ironman game, it is wise to be too conservative than too aggressive and walk the marathon.

With two Ironmans in 6 weeks, its time to hit the reset button and get proper rest before I start my build-up to the 2nd half of the season. Looking forward to both the rest and the 2nd half of the season!

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